Yoga can be very physically demanding. However, the hardest part of yoga derives from the mental ability to meditate rather than the physical capabilities of the body. Even the most practiced yogis have a hard time clearing their minds in order to get the most out of a yoga practice. The true benefits of yoga do not only strive from the movements of the body but also from the meditation of the mind. Mala beads are a beautiful addition to yoga practitioners because they help aid in the mental aspect of the practice.

Mala beads show a devotion to the yoga practice. They consist of 108 beads with the addition of a guru bead that is specifically used for meditation and prayer. These mala beads include gemstones that expel certain energies and are sacred to the yoga practice. The reasoning behind the 108 beads is derived from Hinduism. 108 is considered a sacred number in the Hindu religion. 1 representing your own highest truth, 0 representing emptiness in spiritual practice, and 8 representing infinity and timelessness. The mala is a representation of whatever the wearer wants it to be.

Different gemstones add different energies and meanings to a mala. Two examples of gemstones used in mala beads are jade and turquoise. Jade is used to bring relaxation and prosperity to the practice. Traditionally, jade has been used to bring good luck to those that wear it. Turquoise is another power gemstone to use in a mala. It is used to bring healing to the practice by repairing both physical and mental injuries. Turquoise is also used to aid the wearer in warding off negative influences. The type of gemstone chosen by the practitioner is connected to what they wish to achieve during their practices.

Mala beads are very simple to use. To use mala beads for meditation, you must first choose a comfortable spot to sit with your spine straight and eyes closed. After finding a comfortable position, a few deep breaths should be taken to center and align yourself. A mantra can be used here and chanted aloud or repeated silently.

  1. The mala beads should be held within your right hand, draped between your middle and index fingers.
  2. Begin at the guru bead and use your thumb to count each of the 108 smaller beads until you reach the guru bead again.
  3. If you want to meditate more after circling back to the guru bead, simply count the beads again in the opposite direction.

Clarity and calmness can be extremely hard to achieve but are a necessity in both meditation and yoga practices. Mala beads are a great way to achieve this clarity and calmness by counting the beads during meditation or simply wearing it during yoga practice. The gemstones also are beneficial in adding more to the mala beads with their specific energies. Mala beads can also be used outside of meditation and yoga. It is becoming more common for people to wear their mala beads as a necklace or bracelet on a regular basis. This helps people to keep their affirmations and alignment throughout daily routines.

However, some people see mala beads as very sacred and keep their beads in their sacred place. Mala beads kept in sacred places offer a beautiful energy and add unique texture and color to space. Each mala is special and should always be chosen for the specific needs and wants of the wearer. The right mala can bring a wonderful sense of energy to meditation and yoga practice and help the wearer grow physically and spiritually.