That closet, you know the one, yeah, the one that is stuffed full of a huge variety of yoga wear. It is okay, many people have it, even some people who do not practice yoga any more. You can get a lot more wear out of them by adding your yoga clothing to stylish outfits you can wear anywhere. Dressing up yoga pants, shirts, and even whole yoga outfits can be a simple way to get more from your clothes.

Yoga Pants

Many yoga pants can be passed off as great pants in the office or just out shopping. First, let’s dress up a pair of yoga pants that have a legging cut. Like any other type of leggings, a nice sweater is going to pair well. Other long dress shirts will go well too, and unlike actual leggings, you are not going to have to worry about your pants being see through. This means you can get away with shirts that do not come all the way down to mid-thigh.

Wide-leg yoga pants are also a great piece for everyday wear, if you pair it with the right shirt. A nice shirt that hugs your curves is going to work nicely. Together, you can have a quick, easy, and comfortable outfit that looks awesome.

Yoga Shirts

Shirts that are designed for yoga come in so many different cuts, styles, and patterns. With this amount of variety, it is easy to find something that goes great with a simple pair of jeans. If you are looking for something more business casual, many yoga shirts can go well with a pair of dress pants. A colorful print yoga shirt, with a solid pair of dress pants, topped off with a blazer can pass as being business wear in a number of different offices. Do not let it clothing being classified as yoga wear stop you from using it to create stylish outfits.

Dressing-up Entire Yoga Outfits

You can combine both of the above steps and create great looking outfits entirely out of yoga wear. You know you look good at the studio in it, adding a little bit more can finish it up well for other locations. Take the classic yoga legging, and pair it with a great flowy yoga tank. Great for the studio, now just spice it up with some accessories, and you are ready to take on the rest of the world. Add a scarf and some earrings to make the whole look come together. A stunning pair of shoes can also turn any yoga outfit into an ensemble to wear on the town.

To close up, the important part is to remember that being yoga wear does not make an article of clothing any less awesome. These are pieces of clothing that can easily be added into your day to day wardrobe. It is quite easy to use these pieces, and mix them up, to create styles that are comfortable, look great, and rock your yoga wear wherever you would like.